La musique de Mozart est neuro-protective et active plusieurs gènes favorisant la santé holistique

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At the Pyrenean Center for Holistic Wellbeing,  participants bath not only in the pristine mountain environment of the sunny Eastern  Pyrénées, but also benefit from the high frequencies music-therapy can bestow upon the music listener, from  Tibetan mantras, Christian monastry music and classical tunes, all of which favors life promoting genes and downregulates the degenerative ones.

In this perspective, a new Finnish study proved that classical music enhanced the activity of genes involved in dopamine secretion and transport, synaptic neurotransmission, learning and memory, and down-regulated the genes mediating neurodegeneration. Several of the up-regulated genes were known to be responsible for song learning and singing in songbirds,  hinting to a common evolutionary background of sound perception across species.

In this study, all the participants listened to W.A. Mozart’s violin concert Nr 3, G-major, K.216 that lasts 20 minutes and after measurement, it was shown that this musical piece affected the gene expression profiles of both musically experienced and inexperienced participants.

“The up-regulation of several genes that are known to be responsible for song learning and singing in songbirds suggest a shared evolutionary background of sound perception between vocalizing birds and humans,” says Dr. Irma Järvelä, the leader of the study.

One of the most up-regulated genes, synuclein-alpha (SNCA) is a known risk gene for Parkinson’s disease that is located in the strongest linkage region of musical aptitude. In this realm, listening to this Mozart piece down-regulated the genes that are associated with neurodegeneration.

The findings also showed that the participants who had more experience and appreciation with classical music were those who benefited the most.  This study confirms that music-theray can help with chronic degenerative like cancer, alzheimers, Parkinsons and other pathologies. 


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Chakravarthi Kanduri, Pirre Raijas, Minna Ahvenainen, Anju K. Philips, Liisa Ukkola-Vuoti, Harri Lähdesmäki, Irma Järvelä. The effect of listening to music on human transcriptome. PeerJ, 2015;
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